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Learn About CBD and Hemp

Using CBD Oil for Pets

CBD is popular these days to treat many ailments for humans. The products are also becoming increasingly popular for pets. While there is still testing, many studies show that CBD oil is beneficial for treating cats and dogs. Further, with the proper dosing, it is a safe and natural treatment for many ailments.

CBD oil can be beneficial for treating many of the same symptoms for pets as they can be for humans. The drops have similar effects because, like humans, cats and dogs have an endocannabinoid system. The system is a network of cell receptors in the brain that responds to CBD oil and helps ease certain conditions. CBD oils can be beneficial for pets in relieving the symptoms of:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Can help improve mobility issues from pain
  • Nausea
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • It can help to ease symptoms of cancer 
  • Relief from inflammatory bowel disease
  • Reduction in seizure frequency and intensity 
  • Improve overall health and wellness

CBD Oil for Storm and Separation Anxiety

Many dogs suffer from fear and anxiety during thunderstorms or when they are home alone. Symptoms of stress may be pacing, trembling, panting, loss of appetite, and aggression. CBD oil can help treat these symptoms.

Once your dog is full of adrenalin, it may be difficult to calm them down, so it works best if you plan and try to treat them approximately 30 minutes before the trigger occurs. Of course, with thunderstorms, that is not always possible!

CBD Oil Dosage for Pets

Consult your veterinarian when starting your pet on any new supplement. Some conditions, such as chronic joint and mobility issues from pain, may take two to four weeks of consistent treatment for noticeable improvement. Other symptoms, such as anxiety and stress from thunderstorms and separation, can take as little as 30 minutes. The best way to tell if the CBD is helping is by watching the animal’s behavior.

Calculating the dosage for pets will depend on the strength of the dose and weight of the animal. You will measure the CBD oil in milligrams (mg). CBD oil dosing per weight and strength chart is below.

Pet weight                Lowest dose            Medium dose           Strongest dose

Approximately 10 pounds               1 mg               3 mg               5 mg

Approximately 20 pounds              2 mg               6 mg              10 mg

Approximately 30 pounds               3 mg               9 mg              15 mg

Approximately 40 pounds              4 mg               12 mg            20 mg

Approximately 50 pounds              5 mg               15 mg            25 mg

Approximately 60 pounds               6 mg               18 mg             30 mg

Approximately  70 pounds              7 mg               21 mg            35 mg

Approximately  80 pounds              8 mg               24 mg             40 mg

Approximately 90 pounds              9 mg               27 mg            45 mg

Approximately 100 pounds           10 mg             30 mg             50 mg

CBD oil dosing for pets is not an exact science. You may need to increase or decrease amounts a few times to find the right dose, as well as consulting with your veterinarian.