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Shopping for CBD Oil: What Do the Numbers Really Mean?

If you are curious about trying CBD oil but don’t know what strength to get, you’re not alone. CBD is sweeping the country and shops and online companies are springing up overnight, but there is a lot of confusion about CBD oil and how much to take. It’s also puzzling when you see a 10ml bottle and a 20ml bottle both marked “1000mg.” There’s no difference, is there?

Actually, there is. Even though each bottle contains 1000mg of CBD, the difference will be in the dosage amount. Let’s break it down so we can find out how much CBD is in each bottle.

We can identify some constant numbers that we will be working with. First, 1000mg is pretty standard, as are 10ml and 20ml bottles.

The key to the equation is knowing how many drops are in each bottle. There are about 200 drops in each 10ml bottle, so we’ll use that as our standard.

To calculate the amount of CBD in the bottle, we’ll use this formula:

Total mg of CBD divided by the drops per bottle = amount of CBD per drop.

So plugging in our numbers looks like this:

1000mg÷200 drops = 5mg of CBD per drop.

Let’s work the same equation but using the 20ml bottle. Since a 10ml bottle has 200 drops, a 20ml bottle will contain 400 drops.

1000mg ÷ 400 drops = 2.5mg of CBD per drop.

As you can see, the 20ml bottle actually contains half as much CBD as the 10ml bottle. That’s not a problem depending on what you are treating and what you want to use as your beginning dosage amount.

Finding the correct dosage for you can unfortunately still be a process of trial and error. You can consult your care provider or pharmacist for guidance based on how much CBD per day helps people with similar ailments. The higher doses are usually associated with treating anxiety, but you may react favorably to a lower dosage amount. You may need to vary your dosage for a while until you find what works best for you.

When you do choose a CBD oil to try, look for brands that will provide the results of third-party lab testing for quality and purity.