An easy plant-based meal featuring fresh ingredients straight from the garden!
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Potato Hemp Cakes

Difficulty: Intermediate


-4 cups shredded potatoes

-2 eggs or Vegan binder substitute 

-½ cup of chopped onion 

-2 Tbsp @WayWestWellness White Hemp Heart Protein Powder 

-2 tsp garlic powder or freshly chopped garlic

-Salt and pepper to taste

-½ cup chopped green peppers (optional)

-¼ cup fresh parsley (optional)



-Mix eggs and @WayWestWellness White Hemp Heart Protein Powder.

-Gently combine all ingredients and roll into patties.

-Fry patties in butter or other frying oil of your choice.

-For an extra layer of delicious crispiness, add salt, pepper or garlic powder to the butter or oil before frying. 


**Typically we would have used basic flour as the egg’s thickener. Instead the flour was fully replaced with @WayWestWellness White Hemp Protein Powder.

**The protein powder is more nutritious than white flour and the mild nutty flavor enhances the dish.

**Potato Hempcakes pair well with green beans and homemade applesauce. Leftovers are delicious with scrambled eggs and sour cream.

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