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Liquidation Sale, 80% off! Use coupon code 80off

Learn About CBD and Hemp

Not All CBD is Created Equal

These days CBD products are everywhere, from cannabis shops to gas stations. Before you decide to give a product a try, keep in mind that all producers don’t create CBD oils equally. Not even close. Some of the products are of much higher quality than others.

Consumers should find CBD manufacturers they trust. Unfortunately, many products on the market contain pesticides or other nasty chemicals that could do more harm than good.

Way West Wellness Offers High-Quality Full-Spectrum CBD

Our cannabinoid extraction process using CO2, is the most effective way to preserve and extract CBD oil from the plants. This process is also the most environmentally clean method of extraction. Way West Wellness offers high-quality, organic, full-spectrum CBD. Our subcritical CO2 process never isolates or reformulates CBD oil extract.

●      Our hemp is hand-harvested to preserve the plant’s entire biomass and retain its organic biochemical complexity as found in nature

●      Our system uses liquid CO2 to separate cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and the acidics, for example CBDa from the plant material resulting in organic, high-quality, full spectrum refined hemp extract

●      We are committed to being environmentally responsible

The Environmental Benefits of Hemp

Hemp benefits the environment in many ways. The plants act as natural purifiers by capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and cleaning the air. Hemp actually removes more carbon dioxide from the air per acre than the Amazon Rainforest.  Hemp plants also grow quickly, helping to regenerate and strengthen soil with various nutrients and the deep roots they contain. 

Quality CBD Begins With Growing and Harvesting Hemp creating a clear supply chain

A quality CBD operation begins long before processing the hemp extract. The operation starts with growing the hemp plants, and the way producers harvest their crops. Way West Wellness grows hemp on a farm in Colorado, then we handpick the plants before using a subcritical CO2 extraction process considered the gold standard by the State of Colorado. There are also alternate ways manufacturers extract the oil from plants.

Some of the extraction methods include:

●      Heavy chemical solvent extraction

●      Steam distillation

Solvent Extraction and Steam Distillation

Other manufacturers use heavy chemical solvent extraction or steam distillation. The solvent producers often use is butane or hexane. Residuals from these chemicals can be found in the oil sold to consumers. The issue with steam distillation is that it damages the extract by altering the cannabinoid’s chemical properties when the steam gets too hot.

Way West Wellness use a subcritical CO2 extraction process.

Subcritical CO2 processing is by far the highest quality, environmentally friendly, most pure, and natural extracting method available today. In fact, 99% of the liquid CO2 is recycled and not dispersed back into the air like ethanol or propane methods. Using heavy chemical solvent extraction methods is counterintuitive to hemp’s inherent environmental benefits.

Way West Wellness, we produce the best quality full-spectrum CBD by starting with organic farming practices, hand harvesting, and hand processing the hemp plants in their entirety. 3rd party lab results show that our process works.