How should I decide which product to purchase?

First, decide why you want to use CBD, then decide what form. 

Some examples,

CBD oil or Tincture that is placed under the tongue absorbs fairly quickly and helps with muscle cramps, anxiety, or sleep relief.

Gummies and capsules typically take an hour or so before you will experience an effect.

Topical lotions that are rubbed on can vary.  Some people say they feel relief immediately, and some say it takes a little longer.

Then decide what strength you want – be sure to specifically look for the amount of CBD in each product.  It can be confusing. Know and understand the volume of the bottle.  A 10 ml bottle of CBD oil has 1000mg stated on the label is a different strength than a 20 ml bottle with 1000mg on the label.  The 20 ml bottle is half as strong as the 10 ml bottle.  The CBD has been diluted at a larger volume with a carrier oil so each drop only contains half as much as the 10 ml bottle.  Yes, it’s confusing!  For more help please go to “How to Shop for CBD”