How do you read a COA?

Cannabinoid Types

There are a variety of cannabinoid compounds in the hemp plant the full-spectrum certificate of analysis should list all the detectable cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDV, and CBG. This section will also include THC.  This cannabinoid should not exceed .3% weight.

Weight Percentage

This column is just to the right of the list of cannabinoid types. The weight percentage lists the percentage by weight of each cannabinoid. The reported weight is the weight of just the product itself.


The next column reports the concentration of each cannabinoid as part of the whole product. The concentration is measured in milligrams per gram (mg/g).

Heavy Metal Analysis

Ingesting heavy metals in amounts that exceed safe levels can make you sick. That’s why we test test for these as part of our CBD certificate of analysis. In this section, there are two important things to note. The first is the tested concentration level of each heavy metal in the list. This number tells you how much of each metal was found during testing. The second is the Ingestion column under the Use Limits heading. This number is the maximum amount the government considers safe to consume. The tested concentration level should always be far below the ingestion use limit.

Pesticide Analysis

CBD certificates of analysis often contain test results for commonly used pesticides. Results in this section look similar to the results for heavy metals. You will see name of the pesticide tested, the level at which it was detected, the acceptable level limits, and whether the results indicate the product is safe.