Does hemp food get you high?

No, absolutely not. Hemp food does not contain any cannabinoids whatsoever, to include THC. In fact, hemp food was a staple in the American diet prior to World War I. 

Did you know? Our hemp food is made from the SEED, and not the resin/flower of the plant, which means it contains no CBD, or other cannabinoids or terpenes.  Our hemp food is solely dietary in nature, and it is one of the healthiest foods you can eat!

All of our hemp nutritional products are made fresh on the farm, and made from only one ingredient … the hemp seed! Our hemp is sustainably, and organically, grown to help reduce our impact on our environment.  Also hemp removes more carbon from the air per acre than the Amazon Rainforest; which means you are contributing to an environmentally friendly food source as well.  

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