We built a company to create high quality hemp-based products using sustainable, organic, environmentally friendly growing practices and clean production in an effort to promote general health and wellness in people and pets.

We are committed to providing transparent and ethical oversight of the entire production process, and how we get our products cleanly from the farm to your shelf.

Our Story

John and Maggie Fornecker’s WAY WEST WELLNESS journey began when life swung out of balance. Running several businesses while raising their three small children, the couple felt stretched beyond their limits.

John: “I was stressed all of the time. I found myself coping with my anxiety and overwhelmed in unhealthy ways. In this downward spiral I got desperate, so I did the thing I didn’t think I wanted to do—take prescribed anti-anxiety medication.”

Maggie: “When John tossed his pills in the trash, I couldn’t say I was surprised. In fact, I was a little relieved. He hadn’t felt well on the meds. It was as if he had exchanged the old symptoms for new ones.”

Believing there was a natural solution, the Forneckers dove head-first into researching alternative methods and bio-chemical pathways to stress management. CBD emerged as a viable solution.

John: “I ordered my first CBD tincture online and started using it immediately. While I saw some positive benefits, I knew I had purchased a sub-par product and was getting only sub-par results.”

John was eager to learn more. As he studied CBD and hemp—plant anatomy and biochemical properties, how it’s grown, different farming and extraction practices—John felt a deep connection and a conviction about what pure CBD could do. With their feet on the farm, they came to understand the level of ethical commitment required to produce the quality of CBD they hadn’t found on the market. Rather than making commercial compromises for efficiency and profit, WAY WEST WELLNESS embraced the small batch, hands-on, full-transparency model.

Farm To You

Full transparency in delivering any of our products is ONLY achievable when we stay connected to all aspects of the production process. From seed selection to farming, harvesting, processing and packaging – we bring only the highest potency to our CBD products. We source our hemp food products directly from the farm and they are made directly on the farm by American farmers. Truly – seed to shelf.

Why We Focused On Hemp

The positive results John experienced from using CBD oil led to the creation of WAY WEST WELLNESS. Starting with the process of growing, harvesting and refining hemp plants to make our clean CBD oil, we were introduced to the versatility of the plant. We now know that hemp is about so much more than just CBD oil as a therapeutic.

Hemp food is quickly becoming recognized as a super-food because it is a perfect plant based protein that promotes total body wellness. For dietary needs, hemp seeds, hemp hearts, hemp seed proteins and oils, are rich in highly digestible proteins, omegas, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Consumed whole or in powders, they are very healthy additions to snacks, beverages and many other food preparations.

How Do We Do It?

It starts with organic farming practices, hand harvesting, and hand processing of the hemp flower. In order to best preserve the cannabinoids, from the resin, such as CBD and THC. We remove them using a clean, environmentally friendly CO2 subcritical extraction process. This is considered the gold standard of extraction methods. It also allows for 99% of the liquid CO2 to be recycled and not dispersed back into the air like ethanol or propane (which are common industry extraction methods).

None of our products contain these heavy residual solvents, such as heptanes, butanes, pentanes etc. We never overprocess the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids. We best preserve the cannabinoids in the most raw natural form as nature intended it to be. Our 3rd Party Lab Results show our process works! Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil provides the most powerful path to the “entourage effect” with our diverse cannabinoid profile and hemp’s benefits.

Let Us Be Your Guide To Wellness Through The Power Of Hemp